If you or a loved one have reached the point where you are wondering if aging in place is really the best option, you may be considering a senior living community as your next choice. However, some people may have a mistaken impression of these communities as dull and drab places resembling institutions. This impression couldn’t be further from the truth. In this senior living guide, we share more with you about the perks of a senior living community.

Is it Time to Make the Move?

You may think that aging in place is working out perfectly fine if you are still in relatively healthy shape, with no conditions or mobility limitations. The truth is that social isolation can take a much more invisible toll on your physical and mental health. Do you lack opportunities to socialize and keep your mind sharp staying at home alone? Have days passed since the last time you saw a friendly face? Even if you are able to keep afloat by ordering your groceries online or getting someone in to do the chores, this may not be a substitute for meaningful human interaction and physical activity.

Having the Conversation

If you have a loved one whom you are worried about, you may be finding the best way to bring up the subject of making the move. The secret is always to go about it slowly and find something that would appeal to them. For instance, if they are a fan of dining out, emphasize the benefits of having catered dining in their senior living community, where they can enjoy tableside service over a drink with friends. Or if they are a social butterfly who has been limited by being stuck at home, point out the numerous fun activities they can enjoy in their new home.

Making the Best Choice

After you have made up your mind that moving to a senior living community is the best choice, it’s time to shop around for options. First, you need to determine if senior independent living, assisted living or memory care is the best choice. If you do not require assistance with daily living activities but would like the security of a safe and welcoming community, independent living is for you. Assisted living is best for individuals who require a level of help daily, such as with medication management, mobility or tasks such as bathing and grooming. With memory care, you can be assured that your loved one with a memory-related condition will receive the best quality of care and healthy stimulation.

A New Life Awaits You at Conservatory At Alden Bridge (CAAB)

Wish to retain your independence but would like the socialization opportunities that come with living amongst likeminded peers of the same age group? If so, Conservatory At Alden Bridge is the best choice for you. Here, you can find stylish amenities and exclusive senior living programs that are designed to make life as convenient and comfortable for you as possible. If you require more information or would like to schedule a tour, please contact us today.