Conservatory at Alden Bridge serves a handful of communities by offering the utmost in senior living. With numerous programs, amenities, and local attractions to enjoy outside the community, we have a lot to be proud of. We welcome residents from the following locations to join us!


Texas’ most populous city is Houston. In all of the United States, it is, in fact, the fourth most populous. Just how populated is Houston? As of 2020, the population was reported to be approximately 2,304,580. The area taken up by all these people consists of 640.4 square miles.

Located near the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay, in southeast Texas, Houston has a rich culture involving recreation, tourism, theater, and the arts. The top five most-readily recognizable sports teams (though there are many others) consist of the Houston Polo Club, Houston Texans, Houston Astros, Houston Dynamo, and the Houston Rockets.

The Woodlands

A CDP (census designated place) and master-planned community, The Woodlands is located in Texas. Though some portions extend into Harris County, it is primarily located in Montgomery county. The Woodlands’ population was estimated in 2021 to be approximately 119,000. Though there is only .6 square miles of water, there is 43.3 square miles of land.

The culture of The Woodlands revolves around film, amateur radio, and music.

Montgomery County

The estimated population of Montgomery County is roughly 607,390. Adjacent counties include Grimes, Waller, Harris, Liberty, San Jacinto, and Walker County. Montgomery County covers a total of 1077 square miles.

Visitors to this area may want to take in the sights at Fernand Historical Park and Museum and Memory Garden, Texas Wolfdog Project, Old Ironworks, “Cork This!” Winery, Jenkins Sunshine Farm, and more.

Why Choose Conservatory At Alden Bridge?

If you are considering moving to Conservatory At Alden Bridge, prepare yourself to experience inspired living in The Woodlands, in Houston’s suburbs. This premier retirement community is located in the fourth-largest city in America. The area is filled with numerous opportunities to enjoy entertainment, shopping, hotels, the arts, world-class dining, and much more. Visitors and residents alike appreciate the area for its beauty and quaint atmosphere. There are few better places to enjoy your retirement than at Conservatory at Alden Bridge.

You may choose to live here to enjoy the splendor of a most elegant retirement community, or possibly to be closer to family members. Conservatory At Alden Bridge offers the absolute best in all-inclusive retirement options, and a carefree, affordable atmosphere. All this, and an exceptional value to boot. You will feel like you’re truly “home” before you know it.

How do you want to spend your retirement? Taking part in wellness activities? Enjoying fun events and social activities with neighbors? Savoring gourmet meals prepared by a chef, or something else? Whatever you choose, we’ve got you covered. Think about retirement and what your version of it should be, and it will be waiting for you here.

To learn more about living in Conservatory At Alden Bridge, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer.