Rent can be expensive — the average American spends about 37% of their income on housing costs. Rent control is a form of price control to keep rental housing affordable, preventing rent from being raised past a certain limit. At Conservatory At North Austin, we have a similar policy called rent lock.

About Our Rent Lock Program at Conservatory At North Austin

With rising costs of living and the possibility of unexpected economic downturns happening, budgeting for housing can pose a huge challenge. At the Conservatory At North Austin, we have a rent lock protection program. Our rent lock guarantee ensures that your rent will remain the same for your first three years of stay within our community. This ensures that buy-ins and long-term commitments do not become a problem. Our annual lease makes your stay with us affordable, secure, and stress-free.

How Our Rent Lock Program Help Enhance Your Independent Senior Living Experience

Affordable housing makes a huge difference in your quality of life by freeing up extra cash for your wants rather than needs. You can use the extra cash to buy some new clothes, delicious food or even invest it for the future.

Rent lock also reduces turnover rates, as affordable housing is a big incentive for residents to stay in the community for the long term. Long-term tenants form stronger and lasting ties, providing stability and prosperity in the community. Living among familiar faces and established communities will bring peace of mind compared to an environment where people are always leaving and are being replaced by new faces.

Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Many older adults who switch to senior living communities say they wish they’d make the transition earlier. And why wouldn’t they? In senior living communities, friendship and leisure activities are always close at hand. With well-furnished facilities, enrichment programs, and varied activities, senior living communities nurture the body, mind, and spirit. If you’re an independent older adult who wants to enjoy a higher quality of life and retire luxuriously, a senior living community will be ideal for you.

A senior living community also frees you from the stress of household upkeep such as chores and repairs. It can be difficult to plan and cook meals for one or two people, causing older adults to develop unhealthy eating habits. The Sensations Dining program at our conservatory will provide delicious and well-balanced meals, helping residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Conservatory At North Austin?

Our Expressions Concierge will make sure to support and welcome new residents as much as possible by arranging your move, providing interior design services, and much more! The transition to our community will be seamless and easy. Throughout your stay with us, our dedicated team at Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance will make sure your home is clean and comfortable. Our complimentary chauffeured Connections Transportation will make things even more convenient by driving you to your medical appointments, dinner dates at restaurants, or to run other errands. Conservatory At North Austin is committed to making senior living enjoyable by attending to all your needs.

To learn more about our senior living programs at Conservatory At North Austin, contact us at 512-601-8357 or schedule a tour today!