It’s no secret that as we grow older, maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial to preventing health problems and improving cognitive function. In fact, several studies have shown that regular physical activity is the primary contributor to longevity and high quality of life. However, good physical health brings about more benefits than just that, including promoting independence, preventing mental illnesses, and enhancing overall mobility. These are all factors that your loved ones should diligently pursue.

About Our Dimensions Health & Fitness Program

Here at the Conservatory At North Austin, our Dimensions Health & Fitness program is specially designed to provide our residents a comprehensive and holistic lifestyle. From fitness classes to health checkups, your loved ones can look forward to a wide variety of wellness services. We are aware that a holistic lifestyle is multifaceted in all aspects, therefore our program works towards improving physical, medical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Our team of professional medical personnel can conduct health screenings, physical therapy, and blood pressure checks on a regular basis. As for fitness classes, exercises such as aerobics, yoga, and tai chi are supervised by fitness professionals. As such, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe and sound at all times.

Benefits of Having Dimensions Health & Fitness Program in Your Senior Living Community

Since our Dimensions Health & Fitness program is designed and carried out by medical and fitness professionals, your loved ones will undoubtedly see progress in their well-being. Whether it’s gaining better balance, having stronger brain health, or lowering blood pressure, your loved ones will reap all the benefits of an active physical life. What’s more, we make sure that all our activities are fun and exciting. We know that working out can seem like a chore for some loved ones, but we can guarantee you that they will take an interest in our fitness activities.

In addition, our program provides an opportunity for residents to mingle around and form connections. This is especially important for older adults to prevent social isolation and loneliness. Other mental benefits include improving the quality of sleep, boosting mood, and promoting self-confidence.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Suppose your loved ones have a lack of motivation or simply do not have the resources to participate in physical activities. In that case, they will have no such worries in our independent living community. A way to make working out more engaging is to take part with friends, and since most of our fitness activities occur in a group setting, this means that your loved ones can be more inclined to keep fit.

Why Choose Conservatory At North Austin?

Aside from taking part in regular physical activities, leading a healthy lifestyle includes following a well-balanced diet. At the Conservatory At North Austin, residents are treated to chef-prepared, nutritionist-planned meals at our Sensations restaurant. If your loved ones dislike cooking or are unsure of the right foods to consume, this is a huge convenience for them.

To learn more about our senior living programs at Conservatory At North Austin, contact us at 512-601-8357 or schedule a tour today! You can receive lunch on us to try out our delicious food in person.