Some older adults may decide not to drive anymore for reasons of mobility and safety, despite being healthy and able-bodied. This means they have to rely on their family members to bring them to their desired destination, though it can be a hassle if their family members are busy or have other responsibilities to meet during the day. This leaves with only public transport, which may not be the most reliable and safe alternative. Fortunately, residents at the Conservatory At North Austin have no such worries as our Connections Transportation service relieves those troubles and provides additional convenience in their lives.

About Our Connections Transportation Service

Here at the Conservatory At North Austin, residents find that our Connections Transportation service is a convenient and fuss-free way for travel, and we can guarantee that your loved ones will feel the same way too. All they have to do is head to the concierge desk, which is operated 24/7, and request our transportation service at least two days in advance. It’s that straightforward. Whether it’s a medical appointment, running errands, or meeting friends or family members for a meal, our professional chauffeurs can get your loved ones to their destination safely and on time.

Benefits of Having Connections Transportation Service in Your Senior Living Community

With our Connections Transportation service, your loved ones can now explore more places and head to town frequently. If your loved ones wish to get a breath of fresh air out of the community, they can schedule a ride to surrounding parks such as Lady Bird Lake and McKinney Falls State Park, located approximately half an hour away. This means that your loved ones’ quality of life will improve significantly as they now have more resources and access to lifestyle amenities.

Even though public transport is an available option, it can be unreliable, and your loved ones will take a longer time to get to their destination. In addition, public transport can get crowded during peak hours, posing hazards for your loved ones as they can fall or suffer injuries. As such, to have peace of mind, our transportation service ensures that your loved ones get to and back comfortably at all times.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

If your loved ones have to get around frequently and don’t wish to drive or are unable to drive, our Connections Transportation service will be of great convenience for them. We understand that it’s not a viable option for your loved ones to constantly stay in the community and apartments, so we want them to head out and participate in outings regularly. This is good for both their mental and physical health and encourages them to be more independent and self-confident.

Why Choose Conservatory At North Austin?

Here at the Conservatory At North Austin, residents can receive recommendations of the best restaurants, shops, and other lifestyle destinations through our concierge team. Once your loved ones decide on where to head to, they can schedule our transportation services. As such, there’s no limit on exploration and fun things to do in our independent living community.

To learn more about our senior living programs at Conservatory At North Austin, contact us at 512-601-8357 or schedule a tour today! You can receive lunch on us to try out our delicious food in person.