When people advance in years, safety and security concerns increase when it comes to the living environment. It can be dangerous for seniors to live alone as they might fall without anyone around to help, or they might fall prey to break-ins and theft. Moving to a senior living community can allay such fears. At Conservatory At North Austin, we promise to ensure not just our residents’ quality of life in terms of food and amenities, but also good quality care and safety.

About Our Safety Measures

At our conservatory, our residents’ safety is our top priority. We ensure our residents’ health through preventive efforts and taking precautions by regularly conducting stringent cleaning and sanitization in all our amenities and facilities. You do not have to worry about germs spreading from visitors. We have also implemented many other measures in our community in terms of the architecture and layout of our buildings. For example, we have grab bars in the shower and rubber mats to prevent slipping. We also have an emergency call system installed in each apartment, ensuring that our staff is within reach. Our staff is well-trained to respond quickly in case of an emergency, offering 24/7 assistance.

With our strict security system, visitors must undergo a strict identity verification process before they can enter the premises. This includes residents’ loved ones, team members, and permitted vendors. We are committed to keeping our residents safe so that they and their loved ones can enjoy peace of mind.

Benefits of Having Safety Measures in Your Senior Living Community

Senior living communities, such as Conservatory At North Austin, are designed with the safety of older adults in mind. This helps them to age safely and with grace. Designing a safe and secure environment reduces the chances of accidents such as falls and slips from happening, preventing injuries. Regular cleaning and sanitization of shared communal areas and apartment homes keep our residents safe and healthy from germs and viruses. With our strict screening procedure, the community will only contain friendly and familiar faces. Should anything happen, residents can easily reach out to our professional team through the emergency call system.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Are you ready to retire? Senior living communities provide a safe and secure environment for older adults to retire. There is no need to worry about help being unavailable in the event of a fall or break-ins and theft. Other than protecting your physical well-being, a retirement community also supports other aspects of your well-being as well, such as your emotional health and social needs.

Why Choose Conservatory At North Austin?

If you join our community at North Austin, our professional team will ensure your safety and security at all times, providing you a safe, secure and inclusive environment. If you have further needs, such as requiring assistance with bathing or medical management, we can customize a care plan to take care of your needs.

To learn more about our senior living programs at Conservatory At North Austin, contact us at 512-601-8357 or schedule a tour today!