Going Above & Beyond 

Here’s a “Shout Out” to all our team members who have gone that extra mile!

Pedro Alvarez and Marco Rao

In one week, two different team members at Conservatory at Plano
took direct action to save residents’ lives. Dining Room Manager,
Pedro, successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver on a resident
whose air way was completely blocked-dislodging the item from
their throat. This is the 2nd time in about 18 months that he has
successfully performed this life saving action at the community.
Concierge, Marco, performed CPR on a resident until ambulances
arrived. He was able to keep the resident alive so the emergency
services personnel could take over.

Pam Stovall

Pam Stovall, our Business Office Director, is a dedicated,
hardworking, knowledgeable Team Member who will work till the job
is done. She has been with us for three years. Residents and staff
enjoy her amazing sense of humor and she is always there for them
with her heartfelt, caring and warm personality. With her many years
of experience several staff have commented on her helpful manner
in explaining policies and the vast amount of paperwork there is at
times that needs to be completed quickly. Hats off to Pam Stovall!

Sonja Bridges

Sonja Bridges is another amazing, hardworking employee. After
3 months as a server she was promoted to Lead Housekeeper and
in 4 months promoted to the Senior Lifestyle Coordinator. As Lead
Housekeeper she brought team spirit to the housekeeping staff and
made sure the property shined and the residents were happy. As
Senior Lifestyle Coordinator she has learned the computer programs
quickly & effi ciently, she is pleasant to work with and loves all who
walk through the front door. In the six years that I have been here,
I have not seen anyone as dedicated and hardworking as Sonja!