Going Above & Beyond 

Here’s a “Shout Out” to all our team members who have gone that extra mile!

Cedric Martin

Our new Maintenance Technician, Cedric Martin, was on his way
to the maintenance shop when he found one of our residents on
the ground in the hallway. He quickly went over and made her
comfortable, making sure she didn’t try to get up. He called the front
desk, who responded, and an ambulance was called. He kept his
composure and reassured the resident that help was on the way, and
even went to get her a glass of water, without her asking. Cedric not
only is doing a great job for us in maintenance, but we are proud that
he knew what to do to ensure our residents are taken care of even
when they have fallen down. Great job, Cedric!

Kody Kuack

Kody Kuack, a Server in the dining room, is another hardworking
employee. When one of our elevators went out, he assisted one of our
residents up four fl ights of stairs. Kody carried his walker up every
level so the residents could sit and rest before making his next climb.
Thank you for your care and compassion!

Arianne Alvarez

One of our residents fell ill in the dining room. The resident who fell
speaks Spanish and was struggling to communicate with the first
responder on what was happening to her. A dining room server,
Arianne Alvarez saw what was happening and became a Spanish
translator. Arianne stayed with our resident until the paramedics
arrived and provided the emergency services the resident needed.
We are lucky to have Arianne on our staff, and she clearly went
“above and beyond”!