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Stay mentally fit at Discovery University, our free ongoing lecture series at every Conservatory Senior Living community in Texas. Open to the public and residents alike, Discovery University is a lifelong-learning program that offers thought-provoking topics for personal enrichment. Learn, socialize, and participate in engaging discussions. With a variety of subject matter to explore, we're confident you'll find a class that you'll enjoy and find useful.

Meet the Professor! We encourage you to come and meet our highly esteemed professor, Philip Leto III, J.D. His knowledge and experience knows no bounds and he is always available after every Discovery University class to answer any questions you may have.

Discover our next trimester of interesting classes as we explore our current series, "Conflict in 20th Century America". The America of the Twentieth Century began with the nation experiencing the forces
of industrialization, urbanization and rapid population growth. The 1930s would be a decade of economic depression and great national challenges. By the 1950s, the US was on a path to the growth of a booming and prosperous economy and society. However, throughout the century, the challenges of conflict would cause the United States to send significant numbers of troops to fight abroad for the first time in its history. Join us as we examine the causes, nature of engagement, resolution and longer-term effects of these conflicts on 20th Century America. Stay tuned as Conflict in 20th Century America, a mini-series continues through April.

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