Caring granny with two little granddaughters drinking milk and tasting homemade pie

5 Ways Seniors Can Connect With Young Grandchildren

When it comes to connecting with grandchildren, grandparents can enjoy nearly limitless options. A lot depends, however, on the child himself/herself and the grandparent, as well. Personalities, budget considerations, transportation availability, time constraints, medications – the list goes on and on – can have an influence and may, in some cases, limit those options. It’s…

Senior hat Spaß und albert herum beim Nordic Walking im Park

What Are The Differences Between Senior Apartments And Independent Living?

If you are an active senior thinking about moving into a senior living community, you may be wondering about the different types of senior living communities and which one is most suited to you. Amongst the various senior living communities, senior apartments and independent living are two of the most popular options for active seniors…