Shot of a happy senior woman and her granddaughter hugging her

Exploring Independent Senior Apartment Homes In Conservatory At North Austin

Are you facing retirement, or is a loved one getting ready for retirement living? What are the plans for the future? Precisely, will you age in place in your current residence or will you opt for one of Austin’s retirement communities? The top retirement communities today offer resort-like living with numerous amenities, nutritious and delicious…

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Brain-Boosting Foods Seniors Should Add To Their Diet

Living a healthy lifestyle often includes maintaining a nutritious diet and having regular exercise. These are important for defending your body against many different health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Eating healthy and making good dietary choices will help to benefit your overall brain health. Throughout your life, good eating habits will keep…

Caring granny with two little granddaughters drinking milk and tasting homemade pie

5 Ways Seniors Can Connect With Young Grandchildren

When it comes to connecting with grandchildren, grandparents can enjoy nearly limitless options. A lot depends, however, on the child himself/herself and the grandparent, as well. Personalities, budget considerations, transportation availability, time constraints, medications – the list goes on and on – can have an influence and may, in some cases, limit those options. It’s…