Conservatory At Keller Town Center has been founded with the idea of providing safe living spaces for you or your loved ones. On top of that, we also prioritize anything that will make you happy and satisfied. Our retirement community’s senior living programs are slated to fill up your days with no less than fun memories. We have events to lighten your daily lives as well. Some of the programs that we offer are Sensations Dining, Ambassador Club, and Rent Lock.

About Our Rent Lock Policy

An option for the residents of Conservatory At Keller Town Center, Rent Lock offers the peace of mind that you and your families need. It is geared to provide financial security by expanding your choices when it comes to rent-lock protection. The main idea is to ensure our residents that there will be no hidden fees for any of our services, and that there will be no sudden rent hikes for the next three years. Additionally, the program aims to comfort you from the idea of long-term commitments or buy-ins in the future.

Benefits of Having a Rent Lock Policy in Your Retirement Community

Choosing to stay in a retirement community like ours has its benefits. Through our Rent Lock program, we will make sure that you can stick to your budget and go on with spending your money to what is essential. In fact, with this service, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • No rent increase: Our program aims to make you feel welcome without making you worry about how you can pay for your rent in the next couple of years. We will never increase your rental fee in the first three years of your stay with us.
  • Enjoy independent living: Enjoying an affordable lifestyle has never been this way without our Rent Lock Program. Since you become financially secured through this system, you can keep all the money that you want for yourself, plus you will continue enjoying the convenience that comes with an annual lease.
  • Assisted living: Our lifetime rent lock provides limitless opportunities for our residents. With the assisted living setup, we take charge of everything that you need, without you worrying about how much you need to spend for all the amenities that we offer.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Were there times when you feel like your house is empty even when there are plenty of people living there? Your loved ones may also feel the same, in one way or the other. That feeling of depression can lead to severe mental health problems and physical impairment. Get rid of those emotions and become secure in a healthier environment through our community at Conservative At Keller Town Center. When you decide to move into our community, you will regain that strength and happiness, with our list of activities and events.

Why Choose Conservatory At Keller Town Center?

Staying active is one goal of retired individuals. Sometimes, with limited living spaces, they will not be able to do that. At Conservatory At Keller Town Center, you will enjoy all the benefits of independent living, without prejudice to your health. We keep you financially secured so that you can continue pursuing your dreams and living your life to the fullest. Our retirement community provides all the conveniences that are crucial to your life, and we promise peace of mind with our assisted living care.

To learn more about living in Conservatory At Keller Town Center, contact us or call us at 682.232.3984 today.