In times of crisis, older adults are at greater risk. This is why here at Conservatory at Champion Forest; the safety and wellness of our residents are of the greatest priority. Going forward, we have implemented a series of safety measures that are designed to best secure the wellbeing of our residents without compromising on their quality of life.

About Our Retirement Community Safety Measures

In these unprecedented times, it has brought to the forefront the dedication needed to best protect our residents. As such, we have implemented procedures such as thermal temperature scanning kiosks to screen both our staff and guests for higher than normal temperatures. This is one of the few ways that we are attempting to limit our residents’ exposure to diseases.

Other than that, our housekeeping and maintenance team will also be proactively sanitizing and disinfecting the surfaces and spaces within our community, as well as installing air purification technology that can isolate and reduce the number of pathogens within the living spaces of our community.

On top of this, we are still providing complimentary health screenings and 24-hour medical access under the Dimensions Health & Fitness program for anyone who is worried about their physical condition. Connections Transportation Services is also available for anyone who needs help getting to their vaccine clinics, hospital appointments, or other lifestyle needs.

Benefits of Having Safety Measures in Your Retirement Community

Having safety measures in your retirement community is crucial to ensuring the good health of you and your loved ones. As we age, our physiological abilities change, and our immune system also weakens. This is especially so if the individual is also experiencing underlying chronic health conditions. Even though everyone is at risk of contracting disease and illness, senior adults have a greater probability of developing worrying complications. As such, it is important that every retirement community takes extra steps to limit exposure and have professionally trained staff onsite to identify symptoms as early as possible.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Everyone moves into a retirement community for different personal reasons, however, the top few are to avoid isolation, gain assistance with daily tasks, as well as round-the-clock access to medical aid and supervision. Amidst lockdowns and quarantines, you or your loved ones may feel disconnected from other people because of fear or due to state measures. This can affect both mental wellness as well as access to the physical resources that are required. Living in a retirement community means that you and your loved ones can have peace of mind that every possible safety measure has been put in place to ensure your well-being in addition to you being in a welcome community of like-minded individuals.

Why Choose Conservatory At Champion Forest?

Here at Conservatory At Champion Forest, being able to meet the needs and give our residents the best life possible is of our utmost priority.

To learn more about living in Conservatory At Champion Forest, contact us or call us at 281.262.1095 today.